Cell Phone Spy Software

cell phone spy

Mobile Spy is a unique software/service that allows parents to track the activities of their kids on their cell phones. They can finally learn the truth about what kids are doing by monitoring activities such as the call log, SMS text message logs, emails, websites visited, GPS locations and much more monitoring benefits. This software even offers the ability to monitor their cell phone in real time, LIVE. With the Mobile Spy LIVE control panel feature (Optional Add-on), parents can actually see the screen of the phone why their kids are using it. With this software feature, parents can also get the GPS location of where the phone is at ANY given moment.

How Does Mobile Spy Work?

Mobile Spy monitoring software works by installing a small application directly onto your child’s phone. After installing the Mobile Spy, bring up the software interface to configure a few settings to determine which activities you wish to record, and which ones not to. After the software is installed on the phone, the software runs silently in the background, while recording and uploading the activities desired to an online user account. This is where parents will login to view the activities recorded by the software and can login to the LIVE control panel for live monitoring if needed.


Compatible with Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry, the Mobile Spy monitoring software is a great way for parents to stay in touch with what is going on in their kids’ lives. By keeping track of their activities, this software allows parents to stay one step ahead of kids. It’s an effective way for them to make sure their kids are not participating in any inappropriate activities such as cyber bullying or sexting. With mobile technology constantly evolving, parents need a way to keep up with tech savvy kids. Mobile Spy monitoring software is the modern solution parents have been searching for.

Have you ever thought just how far phone technology has come? Remember when you actually had to ‘know’ someone’s phone number to call them? Or, what about the time when cell phones were used solely to make calls? Now you can call someone with the push of a button, and most people probably don’t know anyone’s actual phone number. Today’s cell phones can do just about anything from calls, emails, games, music, internet, and even high definition video in some phones. These mobile devices also known as “smartphones” are basically like mini computers, and are reaching the hands of young adolescents everywhere.

Young kids love the appeal of cell phones due to their multi function capability. They can play their games, chat with friends and visit social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. But let’s be honest, kids are not the most responsible people in the world. Not only that, but they can also be very susceptible to some of the many online risks. To combat this, parents can look to installing mobile monitoring software onto their kids’ phones to make sure they are following proper cell phone behavior and are not falling victim to online dangers. One software program many parents look to is Mobile Spy monitoring software.

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